Cano Water and Hasbro Create Gold Plated Optimus Prime for Transformers Treasure Hunt

Cano Water and Hasbro Create Gold Plated Optimus Prime for Transformers Treasure Hunt

Jul. 26, 2023

Cano Water and Hasbro has just dropped a one of a kind gold-plated Optimus Prime as part of an impossible hunt for the Transformers Rise of Beasts Movie. But there’s a catch…only true Transformers fans will be able to solve it! 

To be in with a chance to win the gold-plated Optimus, franchise fanatics must first collect all seven special edition cans emblazoned with different characters: Optimus Prime, Optimus Primal, Mirage, Bumblebee, Cheetor, Airazor and Scourge. Hidden on each one lies a series of Cybertronian symbols to be deciphered in order to gain access to three formidable challenges.

The highest score recorded by 11:59 pm on Friday 28th July will win the ultimate trophy - a gold-plated Optimus Prime worth thousands of pounds.

The multi billion dollar franchise chose Cano Water as official partner for the launch of the Rise of Beasts movie. Cano Water is made of aluminium, which is infinitely recyclable and a more sustainable alternative to single use plastic, and a perfect partner to their awesome metal counterparts: the Transformers.

The Hunt is part of the 360 campaign co-created with creative agency 10 Days London, celebrating and building hype around the partnership which includes out of home, digital, influencer and social content, in store and premiere sampling. The team also hijacked Transformer Reddit forums with teaser content, and even created a Antiques Show on the Road mocu-ad highlighting the collectibility of the special edition cans and dropping clues as to how to commence the hunt.

The special edition Cano Water X Transformers cans used an industry first printing technology to create a level of finish that make the cans so beautiful Transformers fans are already claiming the cans as collectible memorabilia. 

Josh White, Co Founder at Cano Water said:

“These limited edition cans are a world’s first. We used a unique printing method, that has never been done before, to create a textured mirror finish that really accentuates each of the 7 character designs. On top of this, the hidden Cybertronian symbols on the cans are causing a frenzy amongst Transformer mega fans which is super exciting. Even more so, that they can win a one of the kind collectible that will never be released again. Can’t wait to see who wins.”


George White, Co Founder at 10 Days said:

“What was exciting was that we ensured that in every piece of content there are hidden clues and codes that will assist Transformers fans in solving the hunt. We had to respect that we are talking to die-hard Transformers fans who relished a challenge so we couldn’t make it easy.”

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