Cano Water Resorts to Hypnosis to Curb the UK's Plastic Addiction

Cano Water Resorts to Hypnosis to Curb the UK's Plastic Addiction

Oct. 26, 2023

With global plastic consumption spiralling out of control, Cano Water, the UK’s leading brand of canned water providing a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, pulls out all the stops with a hypnotic new stunt aimed at shaking society from its single-use plastic obsession.

In a baffling yet entertaining video set to take social media by storm, professional hypnotist Damien O’Brien puts four random plastic-loving members of the public under his spell, in a comedic hypnotherapy session aimed at ending their reliance on plastic water bottles. With humorous prompts guiding them to reject plastic and embrace recyclable aluminium cans, their impassioned reactions from utter fear and hatred to unrestrained joy, aim to entertain while delivering a serious message. 

Josh White, Cano Water Co-Founder said:

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. We wanted an idea insane enough to grab attention but smart enough to drive home a serious message. Our aim is to have people laughing in disbelief while simultaneously reconsidering their own plastic use."


While humorous in tone, Cano notes that the UK’s dependence on plastic is no joke. Global plastic waste already exceeds manageable levels, and the vast majority ends up polluting landfills and oceans forever. But Cano offers hope in the form of infinitely recyclable aluminium cans – the superior choice for consciously uncoupling from plastic. With higher recycling rates and less environmental impact on our oceans, Cano’s sleek cans aim to make the breakup with plastic bottles amicable.

Cano’s “Hypnotherapy” stunt launches on social media October 26th, the latest phase in their ongoing #BreakUpWithPlastic movement. Cano hopes the video will spark a mass intervention, empowering people to end toxic relationships with single-use plastic for good.

The campaign was created in partnership with creative agency 10 Days London.

Co-founder Jolyon White said:

"People hate single use plastic but keep using it - so we realised we needed to get to the very subconscious of people through…hypnosis of course. At the same time, bring out the entertaining side sustainability."


Laugh, cringe or cry, but whatever you do – follow Cano (@canowater), get informed and take the pledge to make your next water purchase plastic-free. Our planet’s future depends on it.

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