Diageo Brasil wins Grand Prix at Cannes Lions with Johnnie Walker's "Errata at 88" Campaign

Diageo Brasil wins Grand Prix at Cannes Lions with Johnnie Walker's "Errata at 88" Campaign

Jun. 18, 2024

Diageo Brasil's triumphant win at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with Johnnie Walker's powerful 'Errata at 88' campaign winning the top prize – Grand Prix, in Entertainment for Music category, not only showcases the company's dedication, sensitivity, and pioneering spirit within the creative industry, but also inspires a new wave of change and inclusivity in the creative world. The campaign was created by AlmapBBDO.

Johnnie Walker is a brand that has been part of culture for over 20 years. Always looking for stories and people who create culture, the brand found the tale of Alaíde Costa, one of the founders of Bossa Nova, who was ignored at a concert at Carnegie Hall in 1962 due to prejudice for being a woman and black.

Recognizing the gravity of this historical oversight, Johnnie Walker, in a groundbreaking partnership with Folha de São Paulo, penned a 70-year-old errata, placing Alaíde in the prominent place she always deserved. This bold move not only corrected a historical wrong but also underscored Johnnie Walker's unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion in the creative industry.

In October 2023, upon discovering that there would be a second edition of the show that launched Bossa Nova in 1962, again without Alaíde, the campaign went further, placing her on the Carnegie Hall stage, where she received a standing ovation for more than three minutes. The repercussions in the media were explosive, and they finally gained recognition from the press and the public.

"Errata at 88" celebrates the moving historical correction of Bossa Nova legend Alaíde Costa, who finally received the recognition she deserved after being ignored at a concert 60 years ago. This powerful narrative not only celebrates Alaíde's talent but also underscores Johnnie Walker's mission to inspire positive societal change.

Guilherme Martins, VP of Marketing at Diageo in Brazil said:

"More than an advertising piece, 'Errata at 88' is a powerful statement about recognizing and celebrating all voices, correcting past mistakes to build a more inclusive future. See Alaíde's deserved recognition, and now receiving recognition for our campaign in Cannes is gratifying and endorses our confidence that we are following the right path of connecting with the culture and hearts of our consumers, which is the great reason for all our work."


With all this, Alaíde, at 88 years old, is enjoying the success she always deserved: a 747% increase in searches on Google, 318% on YouTube, 800% in listeners on Spotify, and 500% in invitations to sing on big stages.

Participation in Cannes Lions 2024

Cannes Lions, held from June 16th to 21st on the French Riviera, is the biggest global event for the creative industry. This week, communications and marketing executives from the biggest brands in the world will participate in panels, round tables, podcasts, and interviews, presenting the most impactful innovations in the sector. Diageo's global team was present, sharing cases, opinions, and news on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Communities, and Accessibility in Advertising.

The campaign was produced by Cabaret and The Youth.

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