#EarthIsSaying Is An Initiative Supported By Greenpeace That Seeks To Give Planet Earth Its Own Voice

#EarthIsSaying Is An Initiative Supported By Greenpeace That Seeks To Give Planet Earth Its Own Voice

Apr. 20, 2021

It all starts with a question: What would planet earth say if it could speak to us? That question is the one that we are trying to solve just in time when the information that surfs the networks is exposed to manipulation by private corporations and governments,  and the truth loses more and more weight. Imagine for a second, that  Planet Earth reaches us and tells its truth about the damages of climate change that's been jeopardizing its health. This is the reason why we are convinced that the only one that could tell us with certainty how it feels, what is happening to it and how much it is suffering, is earth itself.

This initiative, supported by Greenpeace Colombia seeks to give a voice - its own voice - to planet earth, it attends and understands first-hand what the earth has to tell us. To make this a reality, climate monitors around the world that provide us with real-time information on forest fires, pollution, climate warming and CO2 levels, among other indicators, are synchronized with a platform based on Machine Learning that classifies and converts the information received into a Tweet. Each tweet is published automatically - without human intervention - and in real time from the earth's own twitter account (@earthissaying) created to bring its voice to life whilst targeting the incumbent recipients that could and should do something to help, and we are all there to witness and amplify the call.

Sebastián Benitez, General Creative Director of Grey Colombia, said:

After 4.543 billion years the earth has its own voice. As its inhabitants, it is our duty to listen carefully, regardless of our country of origin, to take the necessary measures to care for it and preserve it before it’s too late. That’s the goal of this idea.


Greenpeace invites all to join this initiative by following the twitter account @earthissaying, listen end echo what earth has to say.

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