Elliott Gonzo Directs Vintage Culture MAGNUS "Nothing Ever Changes" Music Video

Elliott Gonzo Directs Vintage Culture MAGNUS "Nothing Ever Changes" Music Video

Apr. 17, 2024

Elliott Gonzo directs a dystopian new music video for Vintage Culture MAGNUS "Nothing Ever Changes" with production company PRETTYBIRD, produced by Chris Murdoch. Gonzo creates a futuristic universe dominated by AI in the "Nothing Ever Changes" promo, predicting a Brave New World of human-tech hybrids.

Elliott Gonzo's filmmaking approach delves into the intricacies of human emotion, crafting captivating alternate worlds and realities, seamlessly blending the fantastical with deep emotive narratives. His unique filmmaking approach permeates his entire body of work, establishing a distinctive style marked by subtle surrealism and magical storytelling.

Director Elliott Gonzo explained: 

“In my latest project, I explore a dystopian future where young adults are ensnared by a world increasingly dominated by technology, their city transforming into liquid metal - a potent symbol for AI's unchecked proliferation, akin to opening Pandora's box. The story culminates as each character is inexorably coated in liquid silver, illustrating the inevitable assimilation with the technology they sought to escape. This piece was made with extensive CGI work and no AI was involved in the filmmaking process, massive love to the incredible team for pulling this one out of the bag!”


Gonzo’s latest music video clients include; Meduza (nominated for a UKMVA award); Tom Walker; Wargasm; Enter Shikari; and Nothing But Thieves. He has also directed content for clients including; Sony, Polydor, Tate Modern, Red Bull, Nowness, Dazed, NICCE, Ciroc, and Redbull. Gonzo has recently completed his latest short - "Hard Times" - with Olivier-Awards winning "Top Boy" writer Elliot Warren. His work has been featured in Dazed/Nowness, It's Nice That, Another Man, Booooooom, Directors Notes, 1.4, and Directors Library, including a UKMVA nomination in 2022, as well as competing at BAFTA qualifying festivals and winning awards around the world.

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