EuroMillions Return With Romance In New Campaign Film

EuroMillions Return With Romance In New Campaign Film

Jan. 13, 2022

There was the one (Seb) who took advantage of an afternoon with friends to announce that he had won at European lottery game EuroMillions and that he wanted to share with them. There is now the one (Juliette) who rejoices during the Sunday meal while waiting for the right moment to announce to the members of her family that their life is going to change.

The new EuroMillions film manages to immerse us in the whirlwind of joyful thoughts of its heroine thanks to a clever sequence shot (bravo Katia Lewkowicz). Dad is going to want to have a nice trip. Leo is going to drop his phone. Uncle will be able to sleep more serenely, and Aunty will draw up her list of things to do... Juliette is waiting with a beating heart and a feverish hand, clutching her teaspoon, the best time to knock a few strokes on her glass and thus signify that she has something to say. She, who at the height of her 30 years, will change the course of the life of all her relatives.

With this new film, Romance continues to dig the furrow of sharing that goes so well in this lottery game that allows you to win up to 220 million euros (record broken this year by a young Frenchwoman).

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