Father and Daughter's Relationship Explored Through Touching Split Perspective in  Homestore + More Campaign

Father and Daughter's Relationship Explored Through Touching Split Perspective in Homestore + More Campaign

Mar. 04, 2019

Banjoman Films releases an emotionally raw commercial campaign for Ireland's leading independent homewares retailer, Homestore + More. The campaign created and produced in-house at Banjoman films, consists of two split narrative 30-second films. Both commercials share alternate perspectives on the lives of a father and daughter, who each describe their relationship within the context of their home, centring around the strapline, ‘No matter where you go in life, you will always have a home.”

Directed by Ciarán Dooley, the intimate spots explore a range of scenarios for each person. Set to soft piano music the films meander from happy nostalgic memories, to awkward encounters, raw challenging moments and the strong bond shared.

Matt D’Arcy, Banjoman’s Head of Production, says:

“Homestore + More is a grassroots Irish brand that wears its heart on its sleeve: great value without a sacrifice on quality. Advertising from the brand has always been matter of fact and authentic, so we felt it apt that we reflect a real Irish family in the commercials. We wanted to shine a light on a relationship that isn’t traditionally celebrated in advertising. There is an obvious lack of any other family members, and as such this allowed us to charter this special relationship. These scripts were designed to allow us focus on one relationship and one connection, a connection that we hope audiences can relate to. ”


The striking approach to perspective was essential to the message of the campaign. To ensure the emotional elements would successfully hit home, it was important the ads correlated with each other.

Matt adds:

“Our main challenge on this project was that our client wanted a rich, emotional piece of advertising that connects with an audience. The media plan involved a series of 30 second slots and we felt it would be difficult to explore a relationship in that timeframe. We therefore suggested splitting the media time across two separate 30 second spots that focus on different perspectives of the same story. The two commercials needed to work alone, without the other, however the key idea is that they will more powerful when aired at the same time. It will be interesting to see if it works.”


The campaign films are now on air on Virgin, Sky, TG4, C4, E4, and More 4.

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