French Agency Herezie Launches Monopoly Of Inequalities

French Agency Herezie Launches Monopoly Of Inequalities

Jan. 10, 2022

The Observatory of Inequalities and french independant agency Herezie are launching an educational toolbox including the "Monopoly of Inequalities". Designed as an extension of the legendary board game, this educational game invites young people to reflect on the issue of inequalities and discrimination. 

A game built by professionals following several years of thinking. 

Founded in 2003, the Observatory of Inequalities is an independent organisation created to report on inequalities in France and Europe. 

In 2017, the organization launched a reflection on the issue of inequalities in France through a video that has gone viral. Children play a game of Monopoly © with adapted rules to reflect the reality of today's society. In 2017 the video generated more than 30 million organic views on Facebook.

A game accessible to all inspired by the rules of Monopoly © 

The "Monopoly of Inequalities" extension, available in the toolbox, completes the classic Monopoly © board (game board not supplied). The original rules have been adapted to reflect the real inequalities in our society. For example, girls earn less than boys by going through square one, some players start the game with a heritage of houses positioned on the board, others will only be able to play with one dice, etc. 

Unlike traditional play, players are not treated equally. Everyone puts themselves in the shoes of a character, dealt out at the start of the game, and discovers, through the rules and "event" cards, injustices that may or may not apply to them depending on their characteristics. Each rule is justified by data that allows the facilitator to objectify the discussions. 

The Monopoly of inequalities, already organized in middle and high schools in France, encourages the development of a spirit of tolerance and encourages empathy among students and in society. 

The game aims to change mentalities and prejudices and reject stigmatization. It encourages the development of a spirit of tolerance and encourages empathy. It encourages people to react to situations of injustice or discrimination. It encourages us to question ourselves about success (which is not necessarily synonymous with wealth) in the face of its own barriers. And if, in the longer term, this educational game generates a commitment to associative, civic or collective action, the game will then really be won!

French Minister responsible for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities Mrs Elisabeth Moreno said:

“The initiative is fantastic for the simple reason that you can tackle extremely serious and important topics in a playful way and in a way that makes young people want to take an in-terest in the issue ”


A game that isn't really a game. 

The approximately 30-minute part of “Monopoly of Inequalities” is part of a two-hour educa- tional workshop, including a 1.5-hour debate, accessible from 11 years old. This time for discus- sion and exchange responds to players' reactions to their gaming experience and invites them to reflect on how, individually or collectively, they can overcome obstacles and change the rules of society.  "It’s time to change the rules of the game".

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