French Retailer Intermarche And Creative Agency Romance Present Their New Baby

French Retailer Intermarche And Creative Agency Romance Present Their New Baby

Mar. 29, 2021

"What about me? What about me? What about me?" («Et moi ? Et moi ? Et moi ?») All parents of large families hear these little words dozens of times a day. Like a cute and heady tune, they punctuate the days of one family in five in France. The latest Intermarché film, created by Romance and directed by Rudi Rosenberg (also the father of "Maman, la plus belle du monde", "Je t'aime trop" and "Juste une petite question") follows the daily life of one of these families with tenderness and poetry.

In French, the saying goes: «Famille nombreuse, famille heureuse» ("Large families, happy families"). Well, large families will be happy to learn that Intermarché is offering them 10% off card benefits on more than 1,700 everyday products. Enough to make smaller families jealous and likely to say: “What about me?”

This film is in line with the brand territory of the Intermarché saga, built since 2017 with Romance- five times awarded at Cannes as well as at the Effie Grand Prix in France and Europe - taking part of the lives of the French people, establishing the territory of the Mieux Manger (Better Eating) and the brand producer-retailer DNA. Initiated with the film "L'amour, l'amour" (March 2017) and continued with the other long formats "J'ai tant rêvé" (November 2017), "C'est magnifique" (2019) and "Jusqu'à mon dernier souffle" (Until my last breath - 2020) it generates millions of views and a real popular craze around its    emotional stories.

The 'Et moi?' advert by Romance, with a melody created by French composer Michel Magne, will be broadcast in 60, 45 and 30 second versions from March 28. (Romance would have done a 3-minute spot, but let's face it: no large family has 3 minutes left in their day).

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