Freshworks Colourful Software Campaign Empowers The People Who Power Business

Freshworks Colourful Software Campaign Empowers The People Who Power Business

May. 12, 2022

Freshworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRSH), a business software company dedicated to making accessible, easy-to-use software for companies of any size, has launched a new Barrett-created brand campaign that aims to show how people feel when they work with software that they actually love to use.

The two 30-second spots and their:15 and:06 cutdowns, along with accompanying digital assets are part of a US-focused media strategy that includes partnerships with Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal, high impact display, podcasts, strategic OOH, and a programmatic program with CTV. In addition, the work will appear on Freshworks own media channels. It builds on Barrett’s first campaign for the brand following its IPO last January and focuses on how easy (and fun) work can feel with Freshworks software.

Freshworks has a suite of products for CRM, ITSM, sales, marketing, and customer support that work for businesses big and small. The new campaign reframes Freshworks as a one-stop-shop alternative to legacy software for all of a company’s business needs. The tagline: "Ridiculously easy software for business." 

Pushing against bloated, expensive solutions and outdated software systems that can feel like they work against and not for employees, Freshworks' campaign shows how their business software can empower the people who power your business–whether that's a company of 3 or 30,000.

Todd Eisner, ECD at Barrett explained:

"We wanted to show Freshworks’ ridiculously easy software by creating a ridiculously simple visual solution. Our spots have a simple premise – don’t fight with your software – and a clear visual language that reinforces that message in a way that can easily translate across industries and cultures."


Wanting to break the mold of typical B2B software advertising, both client and agency decided not to discuss specific product features or show interfaces on screen, which are often heavily relied upon. Instead, the campaign uses humor to show the difference employees feel between Freshworks and competitors' software. In the spots, employees sick of (literally) fighting their software take action, and the space is transformed into a Freshworks world inspired by the brand’s logo and colors, where everyone can work the way they always imagined.

Stacey Epstein, Freshworks' CMO said:

"The pandemic and the great resignation have put so much focus on employee experience that companies are now in arms races over perks and benefits to make their people happier. But what about improving the work itself? We envision a world where people love using business software. If that sounds crazy, it's only because of the predominance of bad business software out there. Happy employees make happy customers." 

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