Gett Reminds London Why Black Cabs are Iconic with Bold OOH

Gett Reminds London Why Black Cabs are Iconic with Bold OOH

Jan. 23, 2024

Gett, a leading UK black cab app, is grabbing the attention of Londoners with its first campaign since the pandemic.

Eye-catching creative from 10 Days plasters bright orange posters across the capital as memorable visuals tie in with tongue in cheek copy to highlight Gett’s unique positioning in the black cab space. Paying homage to the classic model of London transport, a sleek taxi is paired with the question ‘When was the last time you got picked up by a British icon?’; another speeds by with the caption "A black cab is faster than a Ferrari", asterisked with "bus lane, baby".

The campaign is backed by in-depth market research, which revealed how an emotional connection could be forged with the brand’s niche demographic. Establishing convenience, reliability, and unique black cab experience as its core messages, it appeals to the customer base’s wants and needs - while successfully tackling the challenge of standing out within a bustling city.

To maximise return on investment, the OOH targets stations and roadside locations in boroughs where the key audience is most engaged. It will run for one month across more than 95 key high-traffic areas in London, as well as on social.

Katie McPhee, Gett Interim UK Marketing Director commented: 

"Over the past few months we’ve been fascinated to learn more about the value Gett delivers to different segments of Londoners on the go. This campaign seeks to connect with different audiences and showcase these different use cases along with our universal appreciation for the black cab - while bringing a smile to the faces of commuters."


Jolyon White, 10 Days Co-founder, commented: 

“The trick was to just keep it simple and show off iconic black cabs in all their glory. Then combine that with a provocative benefit-driven headline and you are in for a winner. Gett got that and trusted us from start to finish. Great project - they are going up on our wall for sure.”

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