Glenveagh Launches "New Build Versus Doer-Upper" Series From TBWA\Dublin

Glenveagh Launches "New Build Versus Doer-Upper" Series From TBWA\Dublin

Apr. 12, 2024

The series, hosted by Dermot Bannon, follows a first-time buyer family as they navigate the home-buying journey and decide whether a new build home or a second-hand doer-upper is right for them.

Filmed by Bolt, TBWA's production arm, the series includes a visit to a potential doer-upper home with expert tips on what to look out for, an overnight stay in a brand-new A-rated home, the community experience, plus tips on financial options available to first-time buyers.

Cameron McDonnell, Head of Marketing in Glenveagh said:

"In the 2023 “Love Where You Live” content series, we focused on showcasing the experience and knowledge that recent buyers gained whilst looking for their first home. This year, based on both TBWA\Dublin’s and our own research and data, we know that first-time buyers are weighing up their home buying options. In this series we set out to give a lovely first-time buyer family a true reflection on the positives and watch outs when choosing a new build or a doer-upper."


Co-directed by Leah Byrne and Matthieu Chardon, produced by Megan Brady, edited by Rupert Morris and shot on location and in Bolt Studio, the series has 5 episodes, each dedicated to a specific portion of the home-buying journey: The First-Time Buyers. The Doer-Upper. The New Build. The Financial Advice. The Big Decision.

Andrew Murray, Director of Growth & Innovation, TBWA\Dublin said:

"From the outset, Glenveagh challenged us to come up with something that would grab the attention of first-time buyers – how do we stand out amidst the overwhelming array of information on various schemes, initiatives, specifications, and everything else that’s buried on sites, blogs and articles? In the kick-off meeting – the Glenveagh team made a throwaway remark – “our main competitors are not other home builders – it’s second-hand homes”. From that nugget, and our research, we spotted a gap in genuine content that first-time buyers were seeking on the positives and watch outs when choosing between a new build or a doer-upper."


Alan Byrne, Head of Copy, TBWA\Dublin said:

“Shooting the first interview in our Bolt studio was key to the overall production. Our brilliant first-time buyer couple – Cathal and Leana -  had to feel at home, and at ease, in talking about their personal experience. The combination of our set up and Dermot Bannon’s warmth helped achieve that. Episode two in a potential Doer-Upper was a revelation to the couple and our own crew! Lots of essential learnings in there for first-time buyers. And lots more in episode 4 too!”


Matthieu Chardon, Bolt head & creative lead added:

"It was a thrilling venture for the Bolt team to delve into this content series, and craft ‘TV programme’ style with excellent production values, demonstrating our wide spectrum of expertise."


Andrew Murray, Director of Growth & Innovation, TBWA\Dublin said:

"We’re delighted with the finished series – adding another campaign layer to our successful always-on brand and performance social strategy for Glenveagh. From inception to the finished 5-episodes – it was a great collaborative process between Glenveagh, Dermot Bannon, our excellent first-time buyers Cathal and Leana, experts, Bolt by TBWA and the whole team here at TBWA\Dublin. Our in-house social performance media team is excited to launch this 4-week promotional push of the content series across Meta, TikTok and Google Ads Network. If you’re in our target… we’re certain you’ll see the content somewhere!"


"New Build versus Doer-Upper" rolls out across all organic and paid social channels including Google Ads Network

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