IKEA Portrays its Products Accidentally Broken by Pets to Highlight Affordability

IKEA Portrays its Products Accidentally Broken by Pets to Highlight Affordability

Mar. 26, 2024

In IKEA's mission to “creating a better everyday life for the many people”, the world's leading furniture brand realised that homes are also composed of extra members, as pets have become cherished additions to households worldwide.

With the pet care sector in the UAE soaring to a valuation of $300 million and approximately 1.5 million pet "parents" residing in the country, according to insights from the recent Pet World Arabia exhibition in Dubai, the significance of pets in homes is undeniable.

This new trend brings along new situations at home. Because on top of the unquestionable love four-legged buddies give in homes, they often also mess them up. IKEA decided to tap into those little accidents that every pet owner can relate to.

In line with IKEA’s global strategy, IKEA Al-Futtaim is now launching a campaign portraying everyday products smashed by cute pets. Through "Don’t worry, you can afford it," the brand gives reassurance to the audience, implying there’s not much to worry about because getting a new one at such an affordable price makes it an easy fix.

The campaign showcases common items pets might knock over: a CHIAFRON plant pot, a FARGRIK mug, a KARLEKSGRAS cushion, and a STILREN vase. It features dogs and cats, the most popular pets in the region.

Carla Klumpenaar, GM Marketing, Communication & Interior Design, highlighted:

"For the past few years we have noticed a growth of pets in households in the region and we wanted to introduce this topic through this campaign for the first time. Over the next few days, we will also launch a collection of household products for pets".


The campaign, created by the creative boutique INGO Hamburg, will be published in different media throughout the region, highlighting out-of-home, print editions, different screen formats and the brand’s social channels. 

INGO’s Global CCO Tobias Ahrens said:

"We are excited about this campaign, which, on one hand, brings the unskippable cuteness of pets, and on the other hand, challenges marketing conventions by showing the products damaged. An honest story that refreshes the usual IKEA price communication style.”

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