Intuit QuickBooks and FCB London Launch Campaign to Celebrate the Nation’s Unsung Heroes...Accountants

Intuit QuickBooks and FCB London Launch Campaign to Celebrate the Nation’s Unsung Heroes...Accountants

Nov. 17, 2023

Accounting professionals are often overlooked or underappreciated. Intuit QuickBooks and FCB London want to change that with their new campaign, "For the Hero behind the Heroes", and bring the UK’s number crunchers into the spotlight.

"For the Hero behind the Heroes" shows warrior Queen Boudica talking to her accountant about sharpening her acquisitions strategy, the Three Bears getting their payroll just right, Hercules strengthening his personal training business, and Sleeping Beauty relaxing during tax season.

The new campaign quite literally heroes accountants across the UK, showing that every client – even the historical, mythical and fairy tale ones – owes a lot to their heroic accountants. Using these unexpected characters, the ads will show UK accountants all the ways in which QuickBooks for Accountants technology can help them work more efficiently.

And what better day to launch the campaign than the 10th November, which as we all know is International Accounting Day? This celebrates the day in 1494 when Luca Paciolo, the “Father of Accounting” published his foundation for modern accounting and bookkeeping, Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita (everything about arithmetic, geometry and proportion).

"For the Hero behind the Heroes" is directed by award-winning female director Tiny Bullet, and showcases how QuickBooks for Accountants is the perfect tool for small firm accountants, through innovative new products like Pro Tax, Practice Manager and Bureau Payroll, which help them help their clients and grow their practices.

Michael Benjamin, Director of Marketing Intuit QuickBooks UK said: 

"Accountants are a key audience for Intuit QuickBooks, due to their expertise, and as a source of recommendation and trust for our SMB audience. ‘For the Hero behind the Heroes’ is the biggest and boldest campaign we’ve ever done for accounting professionals. It really shows how much we value them, and how QuickBooks for Accountants has been made specifically for their needs."


Ben Usher, Creative Director at FCB London said: 

"Accountants are rarely in the spotlight, so with this campaign we literally wanted to hero them. If you’ve ever wondered who advised Boudica that chariot blades are tax deductible, or who strengthened Hercules’ Personal Training business, now you know it was someone using QuickBooks for Accountants!"

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