Life Goes on in Director Johan Stahl's Spot for Norwegian Bank DNB Eiendom

Life Goes on in Director Johan Stahl's Spot for Norwegian Bank DNB Eiendom

May. 02, 2023

Director Johan Stahl collaborated with agency POL to create a cinematic spot for Norwegian Bank DNB Eiendom. “From Home to Home” takes viewers on an intimate journey inside the different homes of one family at various points in time, capturing both the beauty and imperfection of real life with heart and human warmth. The spot conveys the message that DNB Eiendom's clients can rely on them when life situations change.

In bringing the agency’s script to life, Stahl simplified each vignette to its essential elements, quickly conveying the key moments of the family passing through time. 

Stahl, who is represented by Bacon in Europe, and REVERSE in the US, remarked:

"The aim was for each vignette to stand out as an individual story while also feeling connected to the larger narrative of the family and the significance of the life changes they experience in the context of DNB Eiendom’s message. Weaving all of these scenes with the voiceover was a balancing act that required a sense of musicality to lull the viewer into the rhythm of the story while finding moments for pause."


Stahl captured extensive coverage for each vignette, using an Alexa LF on a dolly to achieve the required realism of the spot. The floating camera effect was achieved as a result of extensive pre-production work involving test shoots and the precision and skill of Bo Lundgreen. This process allowed Stahl and his crew to map out the necessary time stamps required for transitions between the homes in the final spot.

Stahl said:

"Thanks to our tactical approach to the shoot, we were able to achieve a beautiful yet highly technical effect. With full control over the transitions, we could make them agile and free-flowing while also being able to seamlessly cut into key reactions and emotions in the performances of our fantastic cast. The extra coverage also enabled us to create cut-downs for the client, as needed, for shorter media buys, digital, and social."


In the edit room, Stahl fine-tuned the carousel of vignettes, adjusting the speed of the footage for rhythmic continuity between scenes as the camera passes by and finding beats to get close to the characters. The divorce scene is the only time where the camera comes to a pause.

The music played a crucial role in the commercial. Stahl chose a drum-heavy jazz track with a playful and lively tone, underscoring the viewer's experience of voyeuristically floating from room to room watching the family.

Stahl concluded:

"Life presents itself in many shades, from the highs to the lows to the mundane. With each home and family member, I aimed to intimately depict them all with raw beauty and emotion that is familiar to us all. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for DNB Eiendom and POL for committing themselves to such an innovative approach to brand storytelling and filmmaking."

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