LRXD to Pump COVID-19-Fatigued Ad Industry Up with Motivating, Live, Daily Fitness Workouts

LRXD to Pump COVID-19-Fatigued Ad Industry Up with Motivating, Live, Daily Fitness Workouts

Apr. 12, 2020

Health & Happiness Agency LRXD is flexing more than its creative muscle with the launch of “Ad Bodz,” a live workout series it will host on Zoom with certified trainer Mike Davidov. The fitness program is composed of strength training and conditioning exercises that are designed to keep clients and fellow agencies active and toned during the COVID-19 crisis. Sample workout titles: SEO: Squat Engine Optimization, This Concept Has Legs, The Booty Brief, New Business Peach, and Rock-hard Ads.

The agency will host the live, daily, 40-minute Ad Bodz workouts each Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. MST on Zoom. “Our brains have been working overtime the past few weeks, so we’re ready to give our creative minds a rest and get our muscles moving!” the announcement on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn reads. “Starting tomorrow, LRXD is inviting the advertising community to get up and sweat it out with us. So, we can keep the ad community strong… and our abs stronger.” No equipment is necessary to participate.

Creative director Jamie Reedy said:

“In these mighty unmotivating times, pre-recorded workout vids weren’t exactly getting us out of bed. So, we came up with this idea to do live weekday workouts to give ourselves and everyone else who wants to tune in an a.m. kick-in-the-pants. It’s a way for the Health & Happiness Agency (i.e., us) to give back to the greater ad community by keeping people’s bodies strong during conditions that are making that more and more difficult.”


LRXD will also promote the series with fun, ’80s-themed assets (think Jazzercise) that will run online and on its social media platforms. A retro aerobics video will be superimposed with Zoom-screen captures of LRXD employees’ heads as bodies work out to canned synth beats in bright leotards. “Hey, advertising—it’s time to flex more than your creative muscle!” the announcer says, “get up—and put on some pants!”

Posters contain headlines such as “The logo’s big enough. What about your biceps?” and “Make sure those abs weren’t just FPO.” Colorful weekly calendars created for social channels indicate which muscle group will be worked each day.

Throughout the month, LRXD will goad fellow adlanders to get up and move with reminder posts on its social sites. “Don’t forget to turn your video on!” one says. “We’re going to motivate each other, while being thankful we can’t smell each other.”

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