Neb Adventures: Turning 6 Minutes of Treatment Into 6 Minutes of Entertainment

Neb Adventures: Turning 6 Minutes of Treatment Into 6 Minutes of Entertainment

Feb. 05, 2021

With cases of asthma rising in the UAE (before and during COVID-19), an often-unspoken-of problem is that of children getting nebulization treatments. It’s a traumatic experience for young children first and foremost, and also for their parents. Nebulization treatment is spent in managing the child and half the medication is not inhaled correctly.

To turn 6 minutes of treatment into 6 minutes of engaging fun, AstraZeneca launched Neb Adventures.

Created with a team of pediatricians, Neb Adventures is an entertainment series that guides children through a set of interactive games, puzzles and digital activities to help calm them during the nebulization treatment. It features the Adventures of Hamood and Dana in Dustville. Their job? Help deliver nebulization treatment in a way kids can relate to.

The treatment technology and entertainment interplay now exists on the app as well in actual hospitals and centers in the UAE.

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