New La-Based Vodka Company Could not Find Celebrity

New La-Based Vodka Company Could not Find Celebrity

Jul. 10, 2024

The founders of NOT CELEBRITY VODKA announced the launch of their new alcohol brand after an exhaustive yet wildly unsuccessful search for a celebrity endorsement. Despite their determination, they faced the stark reality: their skills in celebrity recruitment were either lacking, or every celebrity was already tied to an alcohol brand. Left with literally no other option, NOT CELEBRITY VODKA was born.

After extensive research and taste tests, they crafted a recipe that perfectly marries the premium quality of Grey Goose and the affordability of Kirkland Signature. Upon discovering that most vodka is gluten-free (despite many vodka brands highlighting it as a unique selling point), they knew they had a winning formula. Production began, and soon, bottles were being filled.

NOT CELEBRITY VODKA proudly holds the unique distinction of the NOT FAMOUS stamp of approval, symbolizing its authenticity, quality, and inability to get a famous person to sponsor it.

NOT CELEBRITY VODKA ships through Flaviar to every state except AL, AK, AR, HI, IL, MA, MI, MS, SD, and UT. It is also available to retailers in California through Park Street.


Not Celebrity tapped the brand new creative agency Dumb Draper to oversee the launch. Alpen Pictures served as the production company for the spots.

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