Noosa Yoghurt and BSSP Go Upside Down for Aussie Roots

Noosa Yoghurt and BSSP Go Upside Down for Aussie Roots

Jan. 17, 2024

Have you ever seen a spot that’s upside down? Chances are you haven’t. For its newest campaign, Flavour From Down Under, that’s exactly what noosa yoghurt is doing. For the first time, the brand is truly leaning into its Aussie roots - embracing a double entendre that speaks to its origins and the fruit compoté at the bottom of each tub. 

noosa tapped its long-time agency partner Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) to bring new meaning to being from "down under," with a new inverted campaign that does more than just flip the images in post. BSSP created a true upside-down set. Working with Hobby Film and Director Amy Allais, the team built a fully upside-down kitchen set, while also creating a rig to invert the talent so they would be upside down too - getting the physics of the land down under just right. See here for the campaign assets and a behind the scenes look at how it came to life.

Rooted in consumer research and insights, the campaign focuses on a core truth that unites the brand and consumer: Going Full On. On one hand, noosa lives in a category that is feeding the body but not the soul - with many yogurt brands touting less calories, low fat/fat free, etc. yet consumers crave more functional and emotional fulfillment in what they eat. noosa is focusing on a simple principle that’s embedded in its Aussie heritage, "Aussie’s don’t skim. They go full on.” They believe in making full on tasty yoghurt with the whole milk and an abundance of real, vibrant fruit.

In a recent study conducted by noosa, they found that less than half of the consumers in the yogurt category are satisfied. This learning paired with our qualitative research, we believed this to be the right time and opportunity to refresh our message and help signal noosa as the fully satisfying yoghurt experience people crave.

With the launch of this new campaign, BSSP helped to create a whole new world for the brand across social, OLV, display, shopper, DOOH and more.

Emily Josephson, Director of Marketing at noosa said:

"noosa has always been a yoghurt unlike any other. Anchored in consumer truths, knowing our yoghurt is the absolute best-tasting yoghurt, and fully embracing our roots as an aussie-style yoghurt brand, we are showing up creatively in a way only noosa can."


Jimmie Blount, Creative Director said:

"The widely known “down under” phrase felt like it could be useful once we decided to go all in on noosa’s origin story. But when we combined “down under” with the product truth of fruit being at the bottom of each noosa tub, we knew we had something strong. The inevitable next step was to invert the ads, right? This executional idea allowed us to demonstrate the product and the ingredients but in a way that’s fun and unexpected. Leaning into noosa’s position and their product opened up a campaign that’s distinct to them and that’s definitely upside down…on purpose."

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