On The Occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd, Veolia Revisits the Works of the Impressionists with AI

On The Occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd, Veolia Revisits the Works of the Impressionists with AI

Apr. 02, 2024

After Season 1, which raised awareness among 10 million French citizens and hundreds of partners about the issues surrounding actions dedicated to preserving the resource, Éco d’Eau comes back.

This time, Veolia and its agency Hungry and Foolish propose a unique and shocking campaign that elevates water to the status of heritage to be preserved, just like our cultural heritage. Here are 5 paintings inspired by the work of Impressionist painters, a movement that placed representations of water and nature at its core, revisited for the occasion, immersing us in a world disrupted by water scarcity and inviting us to become aware of the urgency we face: "Water is part of our heritage. Let's preserve it."

What becomes of the lush gardens, the verdant ponds, and the boat rides depicted by the Impressionists when they are confronted with drought? These are paintings that confront the viewer with the disappearance of a vital heritage: water.

In 2024, it is, of course, artificial intelligence that allows us to see the world through the brushes of 19th-century painters once again. These works will be revealed on the occasion of World Water Day on March 22nd, so that everyone (communities, professionals, associations, businesses, citizens, etc.) can become aware and commit to the preservation of our water resources.

Because there is an heritage in danger that we never notice as much as when it is absent: water. To take action, Veolia invites us to join its initiative labeled "Every Action Counts" by the government at ecodeau.org. A campaign that will come to life in press and digital media starting March 22, 2024.

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