Playstation and Biborg Create Fun Zone in The Heart of Paris Galeries Lafayette

Playstation and Biborg Create Fun Zone in The Heart of Paris Galeries Lafayette

Apr. 15, 2019

PlayStation®, with the help of its creative agency Biborg, will be reaching a different sort of audience in the next few weeks, with an in-store installation at Paris’s landmark department store Galeries Lafayette. The luxury store is offering a unique experience for their customers, with “Funorama”, an operation that has the store offering several different ‘fun zones’ throughout the store for customers to unwind.  Various installations include foosball, a ball pit, and the opportunity for customers to wax nostalgic with classic video games and discover new ones.

Together, PlayStation® and Biborg are offering visitors the chance to revisit the past with POWER UP YOUR PONG, a revamped version of the table tennis classic, and to get a peek at the future with PURSUIT OF PLUS. Created by Biborg, PURSUIT OF PLUS is a PlayStation® brand interactive installation, which combines music, motion design, and choreography. Visitors can also test new games at PlayStation® 4 stands.

Lahiru Weladwe, Account Manager, Biborg, says:

“Playing as a team or by yourself, visitors can explore the PlayStation®Plus universe in an unexpected location. We’re excited to help PlayStation® reach this audience and to be a part of this operation run by one of the most famous department stores in the world.”


The Funorama experience continues at Galeries Lafayette until May 26th.

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