Pride in London and TMW Unveil 2024 Campaign, We Are Everywhere

Pride in London and TMW Unveil 2024 Campaign, We Are Everywhere

Jun. 03, 2024

Pride in London, the organiser of the U'’s largest Pride event, has launched its 2024 campaign.

Created by TMW, We Are Everywhere celebrates the unyielding spirit and enduring impact of LGBTQIA+ Londoners, by taking inspiration from their everyday acts of defiance, resilience and pride.

This campaign reflects the everyday protest of the community, which enriches London with unapologetic inclusivity and joy. It centres around a powerful series of portraits and a film shot by creative directors, pip+lib, working with production company RACKET.

Each portrait captures vibrant and beautiful people from the community standing in their individuality and refusing to deny any part of themselves. Shot by Pip Jay King on medium format camera in striking black and white, these images embody the complex celebration that is inherent in living authentically without apology.

The headlines for each ad reclaim and reimagine labels used against the queer community. Written by and for LGBTQIA+ Londoners, they reflect the hilarious, insightful and powerful inside jokes that are themselves an act of resistance. 

Just as LGBTQIA+ Londoners take up space across the capital, these stories will flood iconic out of home locations across the city (including Piccadilly Lights and Outernet), as well as press, digital and social media throughout June in the lead up to the march.

This year, Pride in London’s 2024 parade will take place on 29th June. The campaign will serve as a timely reminder of the unapologetic strength and resilience of the community.

Jamie Wicks, Deputy Director of Marketing at Pride in London said:

"With this campaign, we want to take on the increasing attacks on LGBTQIA+ people head on. As next month’s election approaches, this is a timely reminder of our size and our resilience. We’re not just a punching bag for politicians or an issue to debate – we’re fundamental to the fabric of London. We want to empower the community to make positive change through championing LGBTQIA+ Londoners who show up unapologetically, every day."


Paul Dazeley, Head of Planning at TMW added:

"By working with diverse queer Londoners in front of and behind the lens, we wanted to channel their rebellious and anarchic attitude into a campaign that elevates the queer community beyond traditional pride work, and serve as a reminder of the transformative and vital power that is inherent in everyday queerness."

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