Pringles Changes up the Recipe with "Wonderfully Different" Ad

Pringles Changes up the Recipe with "Wonderfully Different" Ad

Feb. 16, 2023

Pringles launches a new campaign with a strange, yet wonderfully different idea from Grey. The longstanding collaboration now has a focus on the new non-HFSS Pringles Multigrain range and a hamster with some serious stage presence.

The spot shows three friends sharing the new Pringles Multigrain chips and commenting on how they are "wonderfully different" a bit like the hamster which appears next in its habitat with a keyboard and lightshow, performing some dramatic electro music — not your ordinary hamster. The point is that the new Pringles Multigrain contains fibre and grains, but they are still very familiar in terms of taste and packaging - both hamster and Pringles Multigrain are wonderfully different. 

At the heart of the campaign is social and TV, targeting social explorers, constantly finding the fun in everyday moments, and sharing with others. 

Design-led hamster-sized gig posters were produced that were fly posted across London and shared on social channels to tease the launch of the Wonderfully Different campaign.  

Elena Mancini, Marketing Manager, Kellogg’s EU said:

“People are increasingly conscious about what they eat but they don’t want to give up on taste which remains the #1 category driver. The new Pringles Multigrain range opens up a new taste dimension and this fun and surprising campaign is sure to spark curiosity and trial.”


David Wigglesworth, Executive Creative Director, Grey London said:

“Our brains love things that are moderately incongruent - new news coupled with the comfort of familiarity. This is what this campaign brings to the table, something unusual and something we know and love. Same, yet wonderfully different - just like Pringles Multigrain. And how better to bring this all to life than a keyboard playing, howling hamster. Massive thanks to director Jeff Low & production company Biscuit for making it real.”


Chris Lapham & Aaron McGurk, Group Creative Directors, Grey London said:

“Yes, there may have been a few animals in adverts over the years, but this isn’t like your normal animal advert. It’s a wonderfully different one. Hats off to Pringles for wanting to be brave and let a small furry entertainer raise their brand to another comedy level”


The campaign follows an attention-grabbing #MultiGRAINnotMultiGRAN OOH/social campaign last year that confirmed new Pringles Multigrain are indeed 100% gran free.

The new spot will run on TV, VOD, OLV and social media channels in the UK until March 15th.

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