Production Company JOJX Welcomes Director Luke Jaden

Production Company JOJX Welcomes Director Luke Jaden

Jul. 10, 2024

Award-winning production company JOJX adds filmmaker Luke Jaden to its roster of directorial talent. Luke's work explores visceral human connections and personal moments through the power of silence and energetic exchange between characters. His remarkable skills as a commercial director have found a new champion in JOJX, as this signing marks a new era for Luke’s career. 

As a director, Luke’s cinematic vocabulary illustrates emotional depth through nuanced performances and moving depictions of the natural world. Complex storytelling belies his narrative and commercial work, often injecting his authentic personal experiences into his films. His autobiographic film "Hemingway" earned a YDA Shortlist mention at Cannes this year. The short’s resounding authenticity speaks to the tender care between director and subject; "Hemingway" chronicles the arrival of Luke’s son, the eponymous figure of the film. His nuanced approach can be seen in his film “Finley,” which began as a spec spot inspired by his family dog and was later adopted by Subaru and utilized as an ad. Throughout his commercial career, Luke directed spots for brands like ZARA, Bose, Ford, Carhartt, Bedrock, Library Street Collective, and Heroic Hearts Project (HHP). Luke’s commercial, as well as his personal work earned him a spot on SHOOT’s 2023 New Directors Showcase at the DGA.

His background in narrative filmmaking includes the horror feature “Boo!” and several short films like "The Listing," "Exhaust," “Wolf Who Cried Boy,” “King Ripple” starring LaKeith Stanfield, and "My Pretty Pony," based on a Stephen King short story of the same name, as well as many others that bear the mark of Luke’s poetic directorial sensibilities. Speaking to his artistic dedication to exploring the depths of humanity, Luke also directed the documentary “Madman or Martyr,” which chronicled the story of white abolitionist John Brown.

Luke on joining JOJX said:

"Joe [Care] and Jackson [Morton] felt like brothers to me on a creative and personal level. I knew right when I met them that we would make for a powerful force. JOJX is a special team that cares about craft and artistry. They have elite taste and know what I want to be doing next and the level I want to work at. JOJX understands my approach as an artist, and I know we will create profound work together."


Joe Care, Executive Producer and Partner at JOJX, added:

“Luke captures these raw, intimate moments that feel poignant and honest. His films carry emotion so elegantly that he often accomplishes this without much dialogue. He’s a visual storyteller in the truest sense and an incredible filmmaker. Jackson and I understood him immediately. Luke is naturally innovative and a perfect fit with us at JOJX.”


At JOJX, our goal is simple: to cultivate a select group of talent whose work and vision have a culture-shifting influence at the heart of each project we do. We team up with like-minded brands and agencies that share the same passion for challenging the status quo. Our method of creating great work is built on trusted partnerships that put the creative first, ensuring each project is protected and infused with purpose and unrestricted imagination.

Led by Executive Producers and partners Joe Care and Jackson Morton, our journey continues to push the boundaries of possibility, delivering narratives that resonate with profound authenticity.

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