RFSUs New Ad Campaign: Turning the Worst into the Best for Targeted Success

RFSUs New Ad Campaign: Turning the Worst into the Best for Targeted Success

Nov. 07, 2023

According to research, nearly half (47%) of all women experience disrupted sleep during menopause, and viewership data indicates that the age group is overrepresented in spending sleepless nights in front of the TV.

With that as a startingpoint, RFSU created a targeted TV commercial, where the viewers are offered an exclusive nighttime discount on RFSU's new menopause product line.

Anette Otterstrom, Communication & Brand Manager at RFSU AB said:

"Our range includes seven different products designed to alleviate menopausal symptoms in various ways. With the “Dream Deal”, we have not only found a way to speak directly to the target audience but can also match the offer with a discount to assist women in managing the challenges that menopause can bring, lowering the threshold for a good night's sleep."


Isak Landaboure Lengholm, CD at Valtech Radon said:

"This is our response to the eternal debate in the advertising industry about tailoring ads for the target audience. Sometimes, it's as simple as investing in discounted ad slots during the worst airtime instead of shooting in the dark with generic advertising messages."


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