Samsung Launched the Second Wave of their Generation Z Targeted Campaign

Samsung Launched the Second Wave of their Generation Z Targeted Campaign

Dec. 12, 2022

Samsung wants you to choose whatever and bring it out. The new campaign for Samsung's ecosystem, GALAXY Buds2 PRO headphones and Galaxy Watch5 smartwatches, returns to target the Generation Z consumers, maintaining the message of the "choose whatever" approach, praising the open system of the Galaxy accessories, while adding a new layer to it: choose whatever and bring it out.

Idan Levy, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Israel explained:

"It's a very interesting time. This generation is growing up and the focus is shifting from trying to understand who they are (matters of identity, gender, and political views) to the stage of "what now?" After they choose what they want and who they are, how do they choose to live it?"


Leo Burnett's new campaign, directed by Guy Bolandi, presents the gap between the outer and inner world of this younger generation. It transitions from the real world to a world of colorful and psychedelic animation, created by Doreen Shwartzman, to illuminate the psychology of young people from around the world who share a common essence and a common desire to bring out who they are.

The Galaxy headphones and smartwatches show the contrast between one’s outer world and inner landscape and serve as the perfect transitional tools. The headphones block out external noises with better quality than ever before allowing for a deeper inner world experience. While the smartwatches help one to get to know themselves better, with new features such as a heart rate monitor and blood pressure measurement.

This film showcases Samsung’s products as an integral part of Gen Z life, without placing the products as the focal point. It sends the message to this Generation to first understand who they are and then live it with full acceptance; or better yet: choose whatever and bring it out.

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