Save the Dicks of Tomorrow from the Dicks ff Today

Save the Dicks of Tomorrow from the Dicks ff Today

Mar. 03, 2023

In 2021, Dr. Shanna Swan published a study in which she revealed that pollution affects the genital development of men and women and is causing a considerable drop in fertility, and that humanity is facing an "existential crisis" in fertility rates as a result.

She then famously warned the world that as a result of this pollution, babies are being born with smaller penises. 

International sustainability organisation Eco House, who promote sustainable development through education, politics, communication, consultancy, ecological restoration, and volunteering, today launch "XXXs", an awareness campaign with a satirical edge.  

Created by independent creative agency Founders, XXXs is based on the fictional ‘worlds smallest condom’ to highlight a very big message: the human species is under threat due to pollution. The website aims to educate and inspire with a call to action to donate to the NGOs climate change fund, to take action and help save humanity.

Maria Aguilar, Director of Education and Climate Crisis at Eco House Global added:

"We tried activism campaigns, promoting socio-environmental laws, education for sustainability, but unfortunately it’s still very difficult to get public attention. We needed to get creative. So we talked about penis size to resurface the urgency and seriousness of the impacts caused by pollution."


Founders' creative director Mart'n Alfred emphasized the issue's significance, said:

"Because most of the leaders who make major socio-environmental decisions have penises, we hope that our efforts will persuade them of the importance of this issue. Because when it comes to pollution, size does matter."


Katie Reid Creative copywriter from Founders said:

"People are desensitized to depressing images of environmental pollution and climate change, so we're approaching the problem from a different angle and with a different tone."


Founders and Eco House Global want to emphasize that this is not a fight against small anatomy but rather against shrinking anatomy caused by climate change. 

Check out XXXs condoms at to learn how to take action and continue the conversation.

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