Surfrider Foundation Europe and ici Barbes are Campaigning Against Bad Cosmetics

Surfrider Foundation Europe and ici Barbes are Campaigning Against Bad Cosmetics

Feb. 18, 2020

This February 14th, the Surfrider Foundation Europe association and ici Barbès have launched a national and European awareness campaign on the impact of the use of microplastics in cosmetics and as a reminder of the urgency of conserving the seabed.

Each year, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are discharged into the ocean and pollute both its surface and the seabed. This pollution is caused in part by the microplastics contained in cosmetic products and which do not decompose over time. By damaging marine flora and fauna, their environmental impact can be catastrophic for the entire marine ecosystem.

"Bad Cosmetics", the new campaign created by the agency ici Barbès, is being launched on February 14th, Valentine's Day, a date that unsurprisingly coincides with a peak in consumer spending on cosmetics. What is its goal? To highlight the continued use of microplastics by manufacturers in their products.

The campaign aims to copy the codes of cosmetic advertising campaigns. Shots are taken in the studio by a photographer who usually undertakes photoshoots for big luxury brands. At first glance, we are faced with yet another campaign for a beauty cream, but soon the less desirable side-effect of the product is revealed: the destruction of the marine environment. The “Bad Cosmetics" campaign will be deployed across social media and in the press, and in European surf magazines in particular.

Rémi Sico, of the Surfrider Foundation, explains:

"With this campaign, we want to inform the consumer about the presence of plastic in everyday products, but also to push politicians and legislators to go further with a total ban on the intentional addition of microplastic ingredients. ici Barbès has helped us convey our message effectively, fairly and creatively.”

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