TBWA Belgium and Play Sports give fans hope by showing greatest football moments of fallen team

TBWA Belgium and Play Sports give fans hope by showing greatest football moments of fallen team

Jun. 04, 2019

TBWA\Belgium created a digital outdoor campaign for TV channel Play Sports. During the final of the play-offs in Belgian second league, the sports channel gave football fans hope by making the boarding respond to live game events with historical club moments. The main sponsor of the home team KV Mechelen wanted to inspire fans and players by showing in football anything is possible.

With iconic moments from the KV Mechelen football history, Belgian tv-channel Play Sports wanted to inspire fans and players during the final of the play offs. After all the difficult moments the past, the legendary team was able to go back to first league. Sponsor Play Sports wanted to help the club in the most exciting game of the year with a striking stunt. Instead of broadcasting the typical commercial messages along the field, the sports channel decided to show iconic club moments based on what happened on the field. The boarding reacted to game events by featuring the most powerful moments of the team’s rich history. A total of 70 live messages were shown during the match. The billboards will soon be replicated in other stadiums. The aim is to motivate fans and relive all the fantastic moments in the history of their Club.

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