Toyota and Great Guns Combine Past and Future in Playful BZ4X Spot

Toyota and Great Guns Combine Past and Future in Playful BZ4X Spot

Nov. 22, 2022

Toyota has partnered with Ogilvy Singapore and Great Guns to celebrate the launch of their electrified campaign. Shot in Bangkok, director Federico Mazzarisi helmed the dynamic spot that presents how "change is in motion" for Toyota as it looks to a sustainable future.

Combining the past and the present - a result of Toyota’s continual innovation, evolution and commitment to providing multiple options to meet the diverse needs of customers globally - the 60" spot depicts a family in their traditional Toyota model, who begin racing alongside a highly futuristic vehicle, much to their excitement. As they drive alongside each other through the vibrant streets of Asia, the cars begin to seamlessly transform into newer models, where eventually past, present, and future merge to create one sleek hybrid electric vehicle. UPP came on board to collaborate with Federico on the VFX and design.

With extensive experience in the automotive commercial space, Italian director Federico Mazzarisi could naturally understand how to frame the vehicles’ best angles and was granted creative freedom to select each Toyota model featured in the spot. In keeping with his overall directorial aesthetic, Federico used a range of dynamic camera tricks to enhance the fast-paced and surprising rhythm of the film, while incorporating Toyota’s brand values and history. Crafting each scene based on the chosen vehicle’s uniqueness and historical and futuristic values, he ensured that transition and dynamism were at the core of the campaign.

Federico Mazzarisi, director, commented: 

"This was such a special campaign from a directorial perspective, particularly because we had vehicles of various powertrains to portray in one film and could craft the scenes for each of them in a dynamic manner. In today's world, I don't particularly think such dynamism is too much for a family audience: social media has already introduced and imposed a completely different speed of absorbing information and visual experiences. In this commercial, the rhythm creates engagement and relates to the identity of a continuously evolving brand for future generations. I then blended this dynamic approach with a bright daytime colour palette and pop music choice, more aligned with what this target audience can generally appreciate."

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