Visible Mark: From Hidden Scars To Stories Of Acceptance And Pride

Visible Mark: From Hidden Scars To Stories Of Acceptance And Pride

Jun. 21, 2022

Every hour, another LGBTQIA+ person becomes a victim of violence in Brazil, according to research based on information from the Brazilian public health system (SUS). What if the marks left by this violence on the skin, which are usually hidden under clothing, were to be represented on the clothes themselves? That is precisely the initiative taken by fashion designer Isaac Silvia, who wants to change the narrative of violence that happens behind closed doors, by showcasing these marks and stories in a place everyone watches: the fashion world.

Called "Visible Mark" the collection is comprised of white pieces featuring a single detail in color, in the exact spot of the scars borne by real people. And thanks to NFC technology, you can simply bring your phone close to the colored mark in order to access and listen to the story of the person who has that scar.

Isaac Silva said:

"The collection's pieces tell the real stories of people who, upon finding warmth and protection, were able to leave behind the violence and re-signify their own scars. By 'taking' those scars from their skin and turning them into a fashion brand, we're sending a message to everyone: there is a support network, there is love and warmth, we are all in this together."


The sales profits from the collection will be given to Casa Neon Cunha, an NGO that provides services to the LGBTQIA+ population in Sao Bernardo do Campo and in the greater Sao Paulo ABC region. Additionally, the stories lead people to a support hub for the LGBTQIA+ community, helping promote initiatives for welcoming its members and providing psychological support and legal counseling.

Isaac said:

"The more people proudly wear the stories of resilience, love, and pride of Bernardo, Ray, Renata, Amanda, Wesley, and Kamilly, the closer we will be to our goal of shining a spotlight on the problem and promoting the support network that can help people in vulnerable situations."

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