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Welcome to Ads of Brands. One of the world's leading advertising archives, with constantly updated ads and news about media, marketing, advertising and technology. Here you can also find almost all brands and advertising agencies from all over the world.


Advertising being an inevitable part of everyone's life is used to typically promote or sell a product or service.

Advertising messages are usually financed by sponsors and viewed via various media, including old media types such as Television, Radio, magazines, outdoor advertising or direct mail and new media such as blogs, websites or text messages.

On the other side manufacturers recognize the way in which consumers were developing relationships with their brands in a social/psychological/anthropological sense and thus keep building their brands' identity and personality.

People involved in branding seek to grow or line up the prospects behind the brand experience, generating the impression that a brand allied with a product or service has sure qualities or features that make it unusual or exclusive. A brand can therefore become one of the most valued basics in an advertising theme, as it validates what the brand owner is able to deliver in the marketplace.

Ads of Brands was established in 2013 by Sargis Meliksetyan.

As for the working experience, they both started their career in the banking industry, having worked at the leading banks of the Republic of Armenia and having a couple of promotions. Later on, they have changed their career path and have worked in key positions in the marketing and IT fields. After having such a rich theoretical and practical experience they eventually have come up with just an idea, which can be simultaneously beneficial for brands, ad agencies, ad people and just users who are interested in branding and media. Afterward, they decided to quit their jobs and make it a reality. This is how the subject company was established and continues to prosper. So far the project has met all the goals the founders target for a certain period and has constantly gained a considerable market share in advertising, branding, marketing, and media field.

Currently, AdsofBrands main office is based in Yerevan, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia. The company has a creative team of diverse people with different backgrounds who brilliantly cooperate with each other to deliver over-expected results to its users (brands, ad agencies, etc.).

Nowadays the AdsofBrands.com website is used by more than 300,000 unique users monthly from all over the world (mainly from the USA, Brazil, and the UK) which deliver over 1.000.000 impressions for ads, brands, agencies and news. It also improves its Alexa rank by 40% monthly on a constant basis.

The mentioned progress is mainly due to the uniqueness of the website in its kind. Here one can get the full info about ad agencies, brands, commercials, as well as fresh news related to media, marketing, advertising and branding. AdsofBrands.com is also a platform for ad and media people to communicate, share ideas and practise with each other having their unique profile account on a website.

Here ad agencies are represented with their portfolio, list of clients, agency description and history with contact information (phone, website, address, etc.), awards, and creative staff. Those creatives who possess a profile with us regularly receive job offers, as well as product, service requirement proposals from their field of interest.

Ads of Brands also provides different brands with brilliant services to promote them and their products and/or services, make a job and product/service requirement offers which enables them to reach the desired result in a cost-effective, quality-centered manner.

Ads of Brands is a news platform as well, where one can get breaking news and trends in media, marketing, advertising and technology mainly directly from the first hand. We also keep the industry informed and aware all day, every day, across every platform.


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