Ad of the Day | Barilla and Publicis Italy Launch "Playlist Timer" on Spotify

Ad of the Day | Barilla and Publicis Italy Launch "Playlist Timer" on Spotify

Jan. 17, 2021

The secret to cook a pasta to perfection lies in the right cooking time. That’s why Barilla, in collaboration with Spotify, launches "Playlist Timer": music collections whose duration corresponds to the cooking time of the brand's most loved pasta shapes.

This is yet another confirmation of the character of the brand, which has always been close to consumers thanks to innovative products and proposals capable of responding to the most modern needs.

Playlist Timer wants to be the ideal soundtrack in the journey through cuisine and music from around the world. The 8 playlists, ranging in length from 9 to 11 minutes, have been created by combining the 4 most popular music genres in Italy (pop, hip hop, indie and hits from the past) with some of Italians’ most loved pasta shapes (spaghetti, linguine, fusilli and penne rigate).

The branded playlists, created by Publicis Italy, are a homage from Barilla to those who see cooking as a form of art and entertainment and who can thus take advantage of the cooking minutes to listen to good music, entertain themselves and stop worrying about cooking time: when the music stops, the cooking is complete and perfectly al dente.

With the 8 collections of "Playlist Timer" Barilla therefore transforms Spotify into the most symphonic of kitchen timers, a perfect and modern synthesis between utility and art: musical, culinary and figurative, thanks to the original covers of the playlists, created by Italian artists of international caliber: Emiliano Ponzi, Van Orton, Alessandro Baronciani, Mauro Gatti, Carol Rollo, Nicola "Nico189" Laurora, Fernando Cobelo and Andrea Mongia.

The names of the playlists that characterize the musical selection are also interesting: "Mixtape Spaghetti", "Boom Bap Fusilli", "Pleasant Melancholy Penne", "Moody Day Linguine", "Top Hits Spaghetti", "Best Song Penne", "Timeless Emotion Fusilli" and "Simply Classics Linguine".

Within them you can find the most played tracks on Spotify for each genre, along with some lesser-known tracks, combined to create playlists of the perfect length for each pasta shape.

The tracks within the various playlists will be updated cyclically to include new hits and thus offer variety to those who use them.

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