Ad of the Day | Lansforsakringar and Stendahls Present "De:Vice"

Ad of the Day | Lansforsakringar and Stendahls Present "De:Vice"

Nov. 29, 2019

In recent years, analysis of how our screen habits affect our lives has sparked fierce debate, as well as becoming a popular topic of conversation that most of us can relate to. 

This year, a simple box that your friends and family can park – and leave – their mobile phones in has been named as "Christmas present of the year" in Sweden: evidence indeed that the topic of screen-time shows no sign of going away soon. And it's this that compelled Länsförsäkringar (a Swedish insurance company) to come up with a lightning-quick initiative that tied in to its ongoing efforts to help its customers achieve a healthy Internet / life balance.

In the days that followed the media frenzy around the Christmas present announcement, 3D-printable models of a specially-designed mobile box were produced. 100 of the boxes were then printed out, and people got the chance to give them away as gifts to anyone they thought could do with putting their phone down every now and again. The 3D templates were also released, meaning that everyone can print out their own box once the physical examples run out, which it did in only a few minutes.


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