Ad of the Day | Paradais DDB presents "Stop the Killing" for Dream Pack

Ad of the Day | Paradais DDB presents "Stop the Killing" for Dream Pack

May. 15, 2019

Paradais DDB led by Ricardo Medina and Agustín Febres-Cordero developed a new campaign for Dream Pack to raise awareness for the damage suffered by the species that inhabit the ocean utilizing single-use plastic packaging.

Composed by "Battle Ships", "Indians" and "Soldiers", this print campaign is based on the data that 1.5 million animals die per year because of the plastics discarded in the ocean generating a global crisis that affects various species of animals, several in danger of extinction.

These types of initiatives are taking a prominent place on the agenda both in Ecuador and in various cities in Europe, where serious measures are being taken to prohibit the use of single use containers, cutlery and plastic straws. And promote the replacement of these single-use plastic packaging, by means of sustainable paper packaging.


Ricardo Medina, Founder and Strategic Planning Leader of Paradais DDB, says:

"We have achieved a lot of 'talkability' when we published this campaign in printed sections of food, as well as in outdoor media near places where people gather to eat, creating awareness in them."


Johnny Abad, CEO of Dream Pack, also explains:

"The use of plastic is one of the biggest threats to the ecosystem. The whole world is rejecting foam packaging for its contaminating components, which is why we implement ecological solutions based on paper and technology that protect products and the environment."

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