Ad of the Day | Steve and ekWateur Release "The Energy Dinosaurs" to Promote New Era of Energy

Ad of the Day | Steve and ekWateur Release "The Energy Dinosaurs" to Promote New Era of Energy

Oct. 08, 2021

ekWateur, the 5th largest energy provider in France, has decided to strike hard to raise consciousness and shake up the French energy model.

Because time is running out. Climate change is increasing and France only records 19.1% of sustainable energy in its final consumption (source: Ministère de la Transition écologique 2020). Also, despite the fact that 70% of French people are in favor of subscribing to a green electricity offer, only 10.9% are voluntarily consuming electricity from sustainable sources (source : Baromètre 2021 de la consommation d’électricité verte en France - QuiEstVert 2019).

In order to make French people more aware of this and to denounce the outdated model, Steve created a campaign for ekWateur featuring "The Dino Worldwide Company". It showcases the daily life of inflatable T-Rexes, joyfully ridiculous, busy making more and more profit rather than changing the system to really help the planet.

With the implantation of this new impertinent and sobering creative territory, ekWateur becomes the obvious solution for all those who want to change things in a simple and quick way, by opting for an independent green energy provider.

The production was made by Excuse My French and the Canadian director François Jaros, who has experience in cinema and advertising.

The campaign is on air through online video, billboards and digital.

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