Avocados And Coconuts Produces Freshly's First Integrated Brand Campaign

Avocados And Coconuts Produces Freshly's First Integrated Brand Campaign

Jun. 23, 2022

Creative production agency Avocados and Coconuts recently partnered with Freshly, the leading subscription service providing fully prepared, nutritionist-approved meals that are delivered fresh to your door and ready-to-eat in three minutes. Producing the brand’s first integrated campaign for TV called "Your Daily Dilemma, Answered," the spot includes :30, :15 and :06 versions and will appear on TV, DRTV, pre-roll, social media, Hulu, and YouTube.

Shelly Kaushal, Senior Director of Brand Marketing & Media at Freshly said:

"I am incredibly proud of this humorous and highly relatable campaign. We were inspired by the insight that we make an average of 35,000 decisions a day, leading to information overload and question fatigue. Our Creative team, led by Kate Keparutis, built on that, presenting Freshly as the effortless answer to your daily ‘What’s for Dinner?’ dilemmas—playfully suggesting that while life can be overwhelming, mealtime doesn’t have to be."


Dalia Burde, Founder and Executive Producer at Avocados and Coconuts added:

"We love doing food and tabletop work, and collaborating with brands like Freshly whose products appeal to our own values as a company. Whether we are on set or entertaining clients in the office, we only set the table with healthy, delicious, and sustainably sourced and packaged food. The Freshly team was an absolute pleasure to work with through the entire process, from our early creative brainstorming sessions to production and post."


Avocados and Coconuts emphasized a speedy, character-focused approach that culminates with Freshly’s delicious and healthy dinner options. The energetic spot follows a young professional careening through the hundreds of questions one faces in a day of appointments, work emails, and a high-intensity spin class, only to hit her breaking point when faced with the question of what to eat for dinner. Fortunately, the woman and her partner have ready-made meals on hand from Freshly, offering balanced, fully-prepared meals "for days when you just can’t."

Starting with the campaign’s development, Avocados and Coconuts Director Adam Patch was excited to dive right in.

Patch explained:

"Freshly’s in-house team had a script in place when they approached us, and the concept of the campaign was instantly relatable. While they shared references for the look and feel, they were incredibly engaged and keen on our input, particularly, in taking a visual-forward storytelling approach. Creatively, I wanted to make it feel more personal about the character; to show how she’s feeling overwhelmed going about her day. So, we captured close-ups of her and her reactions as much as possible.”


In order to create the visual tone of a frantic day, Patch proposed high-speed camera movements – fast, snappy camera moves and edits.

From there, the spot slows its pace to highlight the meals, including Freshly’s Summertime Chicken Risotto, Dijon Pork Chops, and Asian-Style Chicken & Noodles. Avocados and Coconuts suggested match cuts to cycle through different meals and show multiple products. To achieve this, the team used motion control as a visual tool, which added more logistical planning to the shoot but, ultimately, elevated the match-cut concept and made it more interesting. 

While location scouting for a motion control shoot was more challenging, in the end, it was important to give the spot a relatable, anyplace feel to reinforce Freshly’s reach throughout the U.S.

Burde concluded:

"This project is a great example of our own ethos. No matter what you’re creating, the most important element is that everyone is having a good time and enjoying the collaboration. Freshly was an incredible client and made us feel like a true partner in this effort."

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