Chili’s is Launching a New Campaign Created by Mischief Called "You Deserve Them More Than Kids Do"

Chili’s is Launching a New Campaign Created by Mischief Called "You Deserve Them More Than Kids Do"

Sep. 18, 2023

If you've ever wondered why some of your favorite foods seem to be relegated to the Kid's Menu when you — a hard working adult — definitely deserve them more, you aren’t alone. Today Chili’s is launching a new campaign created by Mischief called "You Deserve Them More Than Kids Do," which gives adults permission to enjoy a nostalgic comfort food as a reward for doing the everyday work that comes with simply being an adult.

Whether you call them Chicken Crispers, tenders or fingers, it’s an entrée that has often been perceived as one exclusively for kids, but Chili’s wants to change that with a new creative campaign highlighting why adults deserve Chili’s Chicken Crispers. Through a series of 1:1 interviews with kids, the campaign highlights all of the tasks kids just don’t have to deal with, from worrying about credit scores to going on bachelorette parties in Nashville.

“You Deserve Them More Than Kids Do” marks the restaurant’s first new national TV campaign of the new fiscal year, and ads start running today. Quotes from Chili’s Marketing + Mischief’s Creative team are below my signature, and you can check out links to the spots on YouTube below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jesse Johnson, VP of Marketing at Chili’s said: 

With our Chicken Crisper Combos, we took all the favorite bites a parent sneaks from their kids’ meal and turned them into an adult-sized meal. We’re telling adults they don’t just deserve Chicken Crispers…but they deserve them even more than kids do.”


Dana Buckhorn and Tanner Thompson, Associate Creative Directors at Mischief said: 

We found ourselves kind of annoyed that kids get all of the good things when they don’t have to deal with any of the bad things. Kids don’t have pushy mothers-in-law. They’ve never spent an hour reading reviews of compression socks. They don’t unfailingly receive artisan bars of soap for their birthday. And yet they get to order the chicken crispers while we’re expected to order a pile of wet leaves.” 

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