Creating Custom WordPress Templates on a Mac

Creating Custom WordPress Templates on a Mac

Mar. 16, 2023

WordPress themes define the composition of the whole website. A template defines the structure of a specific page. You can create a different template for each page that you add on WordPress. Its structure is defined by the three primary building blocks. It has a header, content, and a footer. 

The way you build your structure determines the way your content will be displayed. You choose a template based on the theme that you prefer. Some themes may have a large number of different templates. When using WordPress on Mac, it is easy to customize your templates the way you want. 

  • Where to find WordPress templates on Mac

To open WordPress on Mac, click the go to Dock and open Finder. Go to the Applications folder and find open WordPress. Customizing WordPress templates makes your page attractive and exceptional. A template allows you to alter your website design. It is a file that determines how your different types of content are displayed. You can change its colors, fonts, icons, or the arrangement of content. A well-designed website can help you stand out from your competitors, establish credibility and trust with your audience, and ultimately drive more conversions and revenue. The design of your website can also impact its usability and accessibility, making it easier for users to find what they're looking for and navigate through your content. The good example is CleanMyMac X. You can check how website's design should look likel because it's often the first thing that visitors notice and can make a lasting impression on their perception of your brand or organization.

When working on Mac, WordPress provides you with three options:

1. Assign a specific template for a specific page

2. Add a conditional statement on an existing template

3. Create a template that ranks higher in the hierarchy

  • Choose your preferred template

Choose a template that fits your business type and needs. You need to consider your audience and their preferences. You may search online on your Mac for the types of templates that match your business. WordPress features a wide range of templates in different themes.

To choose a preferred customizable template, open the Admin Panel. The panel is what is called Dashboard. Open WordPress and then hover the cursor over the ‘W’ located on the top on the left-hand side. A drop-down menu will open. Click on the Admin Panel. Choose pages and then click Add New. A new customizable template will open on the right side of the panel. 

  • Start customizing your template

You can customize your template to the style you want. You can visit your Mac photo library and choose the best photos to add to your page. Your Mac also contains attractive themes that can give you different ideas. Each template features preset colors, fonts, and styles. You can customize each element based on your preferences. 

WordPress allows you to add fonts, backgrounds, and images from your Mac. On the Dashboard, click fonts and then select Add New. You can upload all the fonts you want from your Mac storage. To add images or videos, open your images or video file on Mac and then drag and drop on the WordPress template. Use a larger font size for the headline due to readability. Avoid fancy fonts and fonts that look complicated. The background of the template should match the products that you are offering. 

  • Keep in mind the parts of a WordPress page

For your page to be functional, it needs to have a variety of important features, such as:

  • An admin dashboard
  • Content/posts
  • Plugins
  • Tags
  • Media
  • Navigation bar
  • Buttons 

You can easily get most of these features from your Mac. For example, to get third-party plugins, open Folder in Finder. Type /Library/Audio/Plugins/Components and press enter. You can also open a plugin developer website on your Mac’s browser and select a plugin. To add buttons, click the + icon located on the top left side of your template. 

Select the Button and then enter your WordPress URL. Type your button text and then align it to where you want it to be. You can customize its color, shape, and size. To add tags, go to the Dashboard and click posts and then Add New. On the visual editor, open the tags box. Type the tags you intend to add and separate each with a comma. 

  • Tips to Remember

When customizing your WordPress template, keep in mind the following rules:

Limit your colors: Do not paint your template with too many colors. Two to three colors are enough.

Add contrast: Your background should not make it hard to read the text. The background and text color should be contrasting.

Add white space: Avoid overcrowding your website with content. Leave spaces to make it attractive. 

  • Conclusion

Different WordPress themes contain a variety of templates. The template structure determines how your content will be displayed. Choose a template that matches your products. You can change the structure by adding images from your Mac. Choose attractive fonts and choose a contrasting background. Remember to limit your colors and font types. Avoid crowding your page with content but leave enough white space. 

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