Gerety Awards Presents Gerety Talks: With Lize Karaboga

Gerety Awards Presents Gerety Talks: With Lize Karaboga

Feb. 22, 2021

Karaboga, started her advertising career in JWT Istanbul as a media planner/buyer in 1992. She later moved to client services.

Her roles and responsibilities at Publicis included; Deputy Managing Director of Publicis Yorum, Managing Director of Publicis Bold and CEO of Saatchi&Saatchi Istanbul. Following her twenty year tenure at Publicis she has joined Ultra, an independent boutique creative agency as Managing Partner. She is also the founding partner of newton.ddc. a dynamic creativity consultancy company with DCO services at its core.

Karaboga has been on numerous national and international industry award juries including Cannes International Creativity Festival, Gerety Awards, Felis, Kirmizi, Social Media Awards, Prida Communication Awards.

Karaboga is the chair-person of Make a WishTurkey; was the president of the Advertising Foundation between 2017-2019, and is currently a member of the Advertising Association. Karaboga is fluent in English and French in addition to her native tongue Turkish.

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