Great Results at One Show and ADC for Serviceplan Group

Great Results at One Show and ADC for Serviceplan Group

May. 25, 2023

Serviceplan Group have enjoyed great success at the One Show and ADC.

At the ADC 102nd Annual awards, Serviceplan won Best of Discipline in the Product Design discipline for Dot. Inc. Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display. Dot Pad also won a Fusion Cube for Serviceplan Innovatoin and Serviceplan Korea, and Dot Pad was awarded 2 Gold and 1 Silver award. Also at ADC, PENNY "The Rift" won 1 Gold, 2 Bronze and 2 Merit, and AROYA "Freedom Grams" won 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Chupa Chups XXL - More to explore, Chupa Chups won 1 Bronze and 1 Merit, and Dot Go.  The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, won 1 Merit.

At The One Show, Dot Pad. The first smart tactile graphics display, won 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze and 1 Merit, while Dot Go. The first object interaction app for the visually impaired, won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and 1 Merit.  Also at The One Show, PENNY "The Rift" was awarded 2 Silver, 2 Bronze and 2 Merit.  Pereira O’Dell’s  "90 Minutes of Air Conditioning" for MIDEA won 1 Gold and 1 Merit. And AROYA "Freedom Grams" won 4 Merits, while 2 Merits were given to Chupa Chups XXL - More to explore, Chupa Chups, and The New House of Communication, Serviceplan Group also picked up 2 Merits, with 1 Merit going to Serviceplan Suisse’s ‘Antique GIFs’ for Book Fair Zurich.

After The One Show and ACD Global, Serviceplan Group is currently the highest ranking Independent Network, while Serviceplan Korea is ranked first Independent Agency, Asia, and Serviceplan Germany currently takes top ranking as Independent Agency, Europe.

Alexander Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group said:

"The One Show and ADC Global results combined, mean that Serviceplan Group are currently ranked Independent Agency Network of the Year, whilst also naming Serviceplan Germany Independent Agency, Europe and Serviceplan Korea Independent Agency, Asia. This is an amazing achievement that myself and my colleagues in Europe and Asia are really proud of."

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