Jung von Matt NECKAR Launches IONIQ In Empowering Campaign

Jung von Matt NECKAR Launches IONIQ In Empowering Campaign

Nov. 18, 2020

Jung von Matt NECKAR just launched the first campaign for Hyundai Motor Company’s new electric brand IONIQ. Reflecting the automotive company’s focus shift to people, the campaign empowers everyone to change the world. The worldwide campaign launched on November 17th unfolds in more than 150 assets for social media, TV, out-of-home and print ads.


After revealing the brand IONIQ in London with a big installation at the London Eye, the creative agency has developed the main campaign “I’m in charge”. Setting electric mobility as an enabler for everyone to take part in changing the world. The new campaign shows the impact every individual can have on our planet to convey IONIQ’s mission: individualized electric mobility that comes together in connected and eco-conscious lifestyles, and thus has an effect on all of us. 

New York based director Amber Grace Johnson said:

“We desired to create an original and powerful film that invigorates with an insatiable energy to be in charge, a power to the people”.


In this regard, the film presents charismatic characters in their individual environment – acting for the many. Strengthening the idea that with IONIQ, you can choose to live the way you want, while caring for others at the same time. 

The locations shown in the campaign are futuristic but real today, just like IONIQ’s goal is to make the future of mobility a reality of our everyday. Beside TV, Print and OOH the global campaign is rolled out in social media as video and InStream and story ads as well as a placement on the famous Piccadilly Circus’ digital screen. The message is told by Kenyan influencer Lela Debra Asiko, New-York-based Chilean sustainable fashion designer María Cornejo, British explorer and environmentalist David Rothschild, French choreographer Kevin Bago, K-pop superstars BTS and other characters everyone can identify with.

Rico Noel, Creative Director at German creative agency Jung von Matt NECKAR said:

“We often think those entitled to change the world, are the ones in powerful positions – but the truth is, it’s in the hands of each and every one of us – with the decisions we make".


Amber Grace Johnson added:

"And we inspire viewers to become the change they want to see in the world.”


The campaign was realized through both remote and on location film shooting in Kenya and Kiev, as well as a photoshoot in restrictive corona times. Hyundai sets the tone for IONIQ’s future communication, shifting from the traditional car industry product focus to a people focus. 

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