Match is Getting Real in a World of Fake

Match is Getting Real in a World of Fake

Jan. 07, 2019

Authenticity. Truthfulness. Today it's never been tougher to live by those values and to stay true to ourselves and towards others. Between fake news and social media that pushes us to display a distorted and filtered versions of ourselves, it seems that fakeness is now part of our daily lives. Online dating is no exception to that cultural shift. Singles are under more pressure than ever. The rise of "easy to use" dating apps has transformed romance into a game: Catch them all, or play again. We're used to binge consumption; now too many of us are binge dating. No wonder 57% of single women find modern dating exhausting!

Match is determined to continue to fight for real connections and has what matters the most: committed singles ready for real stories.

Emilie de Fautereau, VP Brand & Communication Europe - Match Group, declared:

"Match isn't a free dating service. Our subscription is a commitment in itself. We believe our singles are truly committed to - and involved in - their search for love. They know why they are here. They don't pretend or have fake intentions"


This isn't new news. But it's what matters now to fight this world of fake. And it's the only way online dating can do its job: help people to start reaI stories. 
This is why Match is launching new brand platform and tagline: MATCH. START SOMETHING REAL. 

Match wanted to express this new positioning through a bold and impactful creative campaign. Created and orchestrated by Marcel Worldwide, directed by Helmi, the campaign displays a world drenched in fakery and artificialness at first, in order to emphasize the true emotions and authenticity of a real story on Match. 

The campaign will be roll out in France, UK, Germany, ltaly, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway, on TV/ digital and cinema. Multiple formats (45s, 30s, 20s, l0s, 6s) have been created for this campaign and will debut the 26th of December 2078. 
ln order to further sustain the new band signature "Start something real", the agency also created a new radio execution, featuring former singles that actually found love on Match

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