NazariyaQFRG enables LGBTQIA community to "Wear their Pride" on Zoom

NazariyaQFRG enables LGBTQIA community to "Wear their Pride" on Zoom

May. 18, 2020

NazariyaQFRG, a queer resource group working on issues of gender and sexuality, have launched a campaign in support of the LGBT*QIA community, calling on them to take pride in themselves. This campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Tonic Worldwide.

Despite the decriminalization of section 377 in India in 2018, the LGBTQIA community is still often subjected to prejudice and discrimination by the larger society. This stigma holds them back from openly coming out.

Keeping this in mind, NazariyaQFRG launched a campaign ‘Wear Your Pride’ to support the community, and help them take pride in who they are. It is also an invitation to families, workspaces, and the society at large to be more inclusive of LGBT*QIA+ persons. On the occasion of International day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, which is observed on 17th May, the team has launched 8 virtual backgrounds on the popular community video calling app ZOOM. Each of these backgrounds represents one color of the pride flag which is a symbol of the community. The virtual backgrounds have thought-provoking tag lines like ‘Queer and Proud’, ‘God said Adam & Eve so I did both’, ‘Life gets better together’, etc. which can be used during live ZOOM calls. These backgrounds or filters will be the voice of support not only for the community but also for those who stand in solidarity with them. These backgrounds will be further promoted and amplified on other social media platforms too and available for download. The campaign has also been supported by popular LGBTQIA influencers and activists like R Balaji, Harrish Iyer-  Equal Rights Activist ,Zainab Patel- Director inclusion and diversity -KPMG India & Sumit Pawar, founder Q Knit India.

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