Restaurants du Coeur Launch Appeal for Donations with "We Still Need Us" campaign

Restaurants du Coeur Launch Appeal for Donations with "We Still Need Us" campaign

Nov. 25, 2020

35 years ago, when Coluche created Les Restos du Coeur, he would have never guessed that his « little idea » - which was supposed to be temporary - would still be very relevant and even more important today, in 2020. 

Indeed, since the first lockdown, Les Restos du Coeur has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of people needing its help. 

In the face of this poverty outbreak, Les Restos du Coeur, now more than ever, need the help of all those who are willing to lend a hand, whatever form it takes. The association launches a strong and poignant film to call for donations, which will be broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday, November 24th. 

The film - created by the agencies Brand Station and Change, directed and produced by Birth - depicts an ideal world where no one needs the help of the association and its volunteers anymore. But the reality is very different. 

France is reaching an alarming state: nearly 10 million people live in poverty today, meaning Les Restos du Coeur are more needed than ever. In turn, they also need everyone more than ever, to help those in need and raise awareness about their fight against poverty and exclusion.

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