Sid Lee and Decathlon Introduce New Sustainably Designed Platform

Sid Lee and Decathlon Introduce New Sustainably Designed Platform

Jun. 02, 2021

As more and more countries around the world start ease out of lockdowns, France is no exception. Many travel restrictions have been lifted and, as summer approaches, people are itching to get outdoors. French brand Decathlon, a leader in sports and outdoor gear for 4 decades, wanted to find a new way to connect with consumers and bring them fresh ideas to get active.  They turned to Sid Lee Paris to design the look of their new app Decathlon Outdoor, to encourage users, from families to young urbanites, to find new ways to get outside, because every minute outside counts.

During the lockdown, polls showed nearly 70% of French people said they were looking forward to getting outside again, something many didn’t even realize they missed. Studies from before indicate many only spend about 10% of their time outdoors. While 20-30 minutes is all it takes to destress, even a “micro break” can make a world of difference.

Decathlon Outdoor was born from a platform the retailer created in 2018 with travel app developer Mhikes. Quechua Hike Finder was a first, regional test to gage consumer interest in local activities and recommendations. Following its successful launch, Decathlon acquired Mhikes and created Decathlon Outdoor – a digital pocket guide with over 5,000 experiences, with real stories and pictures sent in from outdoor enthusiasts. Whether mountain biking in the world of Cezanne in Aix-en-Provence, strolling through Paris’s Luxembourg gardens, or playing pétanque in a park, every 60 seconds is another minute and that’s another minute to clear your mind.

The re-branded app and site support the brand’s positioning as the reference for all things outdoor and mark a turning point in the brand’s communication towards a more conversational tone, giving more depth to their content. The brand will also transition to a new visual identity over the next year, with softer colors and a more intimate approach to bring consumers closer.

Celine & Clement Mornet-Landa, CDs, Sid Lee Paris, said:

“We wanted to give people genuine ideas for ways to get outside, even if it’s just a few minutes. Decathlon Outdoor is based on experiences from actual users – from big ideas to micro-adventures that give you a chance to destress."


Nathalie, Product Marketing Manager, said:

“Decathlon Outdoor considers Netflix its competitor. Our platform makes nature more attractive than on screen and our technology is positive, because it’s the time that users spend outdoors that drives it, not the time on the application itself.”


Decathlon Outdoor launched May 26 with a website, on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and in the Apple store and Google Play in France.

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