Sid Lee Paris and Samsung Electronics France Showcase Samsung Pay in Trio of Films

Sid Lee Paris and Samsung Electronics France Showcase Samsung Pay in Trio of Films

Dec. 07, 2020

Samsung is known for its incredible products and their advanced technology, but the brand also provides a range of services, including its payment solution, Samsung Pay. Included on Galaxy smartphones, the service is simple, secure and efficient, and offers Rewards for each transaction. Samsung Electronics France wanted to show users just how easy their payment method is and how it is one of the fastest in the Galaxy so they turned to Sid Lee Paris who created a series of 3 films showcasing its benefits.

Three stories, each bringing insight to life through humor and relatability: forgetting an anniversary, mixing up gifts, or not dressing up for a costume party. Sid Lee Paris creatively translated the ease and speed of Samsung Pay to the small screen, grounding the service in the daily lives of ordinary consumers and showing that whatever the direness of the situation, Samsung Pay is the best option.

Laurent Moquet, IM-B2B Marketing Director in France said:

“Samsung is first and foremost a product company, but we also have a lot of wonderful services that we want to shine the spotlight on. Sid Lee perfectly encapsulated Samsung Pay’s benefits and created 3 little films that engage consumers in what is a very active season for us.”


The film was specifically crafted to include short fast-paced edits that perfectly convey the service’s key benefit, its speed, and blend with the media mix for the campaign which will be deployed on paid digital media as well as Samsung’s digital ecosystem.

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