Southpaw Puts the Spark Back in Chambord Liqueur’s Growth Trajectory

Southpaw Puts the Spark Back in Chambord Liqueur’s Growth Trajectory

Nov. 18, 2020

Strategic creative agency Southpaw have created an exciting global brand platform for luxury drinks brand Chambord, titled "Make The Moment Magnifique". 

The brand platform is a quirky and playful new approach that will help Chambord be more distinctive, relevant and persuasive.  


Despite Chambord liqueur possessing lustrous visual appeal and delicious taste credentials, the brand needed to reconnect with consumers around the globe, driving awareness and educating on when and how to enjoy Chambord liqueur - not just as an occasional drink, but as a frequent choice. 

Using behavioural science analysis, Southpaw built a deep understanding of the target consumer - dubbed ‘The Pleasure Sippers’ - identifiable by their desire to live life in the moment and embrace it to its fullest. 

The campaign is designed to be diverse, targeting ‘The Pleasure Sippers’ and appealing to the LGBTQIA community. It shows them that by adding Chambord, everyday unscripted moments with your closest friends can be elevated to something truly ‘magnifique’.  

Anchored by a sumptuous product descriptor, ‘The Velvety Smooth Black Raspberry Liqueur’, the creative comes to bear in chic, colourful and impactful visuals that are both inspiring and informative. This is paired with a playful and charismatic tone of voice, crafted to deliver just the right amount of understated French sassiness.

Chambord’s global brand director, Alexander Gorelin, said:

“This new campaign is a great first step in helping us realise our vision and plans to create greater recognition of the wonderful brand, Chambord liqueur. We want to appeal to a diverse community of consumers, find relevance in the LGBTQIA community and educate on Chambord’s versatility in cocktail serves, thereby encouraging trial. The campaign we have created with Southpaw places the brand centre stage and is delivered with real personality. We are excited to work in close partnership with Southpaw to deliver this campaign, and together see Chambord resonate with our diverse audience and help us realise our growth ambitions.”


Southpaw’s business director, Claire Lambell, said:

Chambord sits in a very crowded, competitive sector following the explosion of Aperol and growth of pink gins. Our creative campaign, underpinned by our neuro behavioural science, will create engagement and recognition of Chambord with their target market, encouraging trial of this wonderfully luxurious French Black Raspberry liqueur and supporting the brand in raising awareness and realising growth. We look forward to working with the Chambord team to deliver this exciting new campaign for the brand.” 


The campaign will be rolled out globally from October 2020 across social and digital channels, as well as the on and off-trade, with a particular focus on Chambord’s key markets - US, UK, Australia and France. Subject to media buying, this will be seen in press and OOH, also.

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