Syn Reimagines Billy Joel's A Matter of Trust for New CNN Promo that Call for Healing Broken Bonds

Syn Reimagines Billy Joel's A Matter of Trust for New CNN Promo that Call for Healing Broken Bonds

Jan. 26, 2021

Creative music agency Syn has collaborated with CNN on a new promo video that aims to inspire audiences to rebuild broken bonds and believe in the good in each other. Black and white still images of evocative moments and the anchors who convey them are supported with Syn’s rearrangement of Billy Joel’s A Matter of Trust. Here, sound and image come together to remind us that trust is the foundation of true achievement.

On this special project, Syn embraced the challenge of reimagining the 80’s classic into a spare and emotional anthem with a production that ultimately spanned many countries and time zones. The skillful arrangement was recorded in Los Angeles on upright piano, with staccato strings and acoustic guitar layered in for emotional punctuation. Using remote technology, Syn was able to direct and record a 20 piece string orchestra in Macedonia - all of which was mixed in Tokyo for cinematic results which were delivered to CNN in Atlanta.

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