"Tech Goes Green" With 1stAve BA, Bloomberg Media Studios Campaign for Samsung

"Tech Goes Green" With 1stAve BA, Bloomberg Media Studios Campaign for Samsung

Oct. 28, 2021

Storytelling production company 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires has partnered with Bloomberg Media Studios to create a warm, inviting, animated campaign for Samsung Electronics that embraces the eco-conscious side of tech.

Aptly dubbed “Tech Goes Green,” the campaign promotes Samsung’s efforts to minimize the environmental footprint of its products through innovative solutions and technologies. To highlight the tech giant’s eco-friendly focus, 1stAve BA and its award-winning directing duo Becho & Mab have joined forces with Bloomberg Media Studios (BMS) to create a series of colorful, engaging spots that demonstrate the many ways in which unused smartphones can find new life.

According to the 1stAve BA directing pair, there was ample space from the start of their collaboration with Bloomberg Media Studios to indulge their creativity and produce work that aligned with Samsung’s message.

Becho & Mab says:

 “The initial brief BMS shared with us was about showcasing the strategies Samsung has been exercising in order to create more efficient products and possibilities that devices and even packaging can provide so you don’t have to throw them away after you have gotten a new model. The first thing we got from the BMS team were scripts with specific [voiceovers] from Samsung’s specialists. The BMS team really liked our pitch and trusted us to freely create.”


Renowned for their profound stop-motion animation efforts for SolarCity and the Webby Award-winning “Tasty Little Truths” for Got Milk?, Becho & Mab now bring their distinctive, innovative artistry to promote a game-changing platform from Samsung. In doing so, they’ve meticulously crafted charming, detailed characters from pets to patients and familiar settings such as a living room and doctor’s office. As each scene seamlessly unfolds, transforms, and blends into each other, Becho & Mab provide an immersive view into how rejuvenated smartphones can be utilized as smart home tools, AI-enabled medical devices, and more.

However, to bring the delightful blend of fluid, wondrous visuals and important themes that encompass “Tech Goes Green” to fruition, 1stAve BA and Bloomberg faced their fair share of challenges especially in the age of COVID-19. Like virtually all productions around the world, several precautions had to be taken in order to see the project to completion.

Becho & Mab say:

“Shooting during the pandemic was a huge challenge. We had to orchestrate remote teams that made daily online check-ins and deliveries to our Can Can Club [animation] studio, where we kept a minimum crew with directors and heads of team. Producers, though, were awesome at keeping every artist and builder in the loop and knowing what’s going on at all times, especially at the beginning of the process when the wagon starts to roll and not everything is well oiled up.”


To keep the process running smoothly, now-standard tools like Zoom, Slack, Google Meets, and Discord became essential forms of communication amongst the production team, while in person, certain protocols had to be enforced.

Directors say:

“For the people that could actually be in the studio working, we were very strict in keeping a tight protocol to avoid any COVID-related incidents. We had fixed workstations and distances were kept. So sometimes things started to get a little weird, in a good way.”


The weirdness seems to have seeped into the actual workflow as Becho & Mab held pajama and cocktail dressing days and enjoyed the company of imaginary friends while taking on tasks like sawing, sanding, painting, and animating.

As these activities brought some levity to a challenging work environment, 1stAve BA, Becho & Mab and their team also benefited by instantly forming a highly collaborative partnership with Bloomberg Media Studios.

Becho & Mab recall:

“At the beginning. we had calls very often. That was really helpful to always be on the same page with BMS. We pitched our ideas to them all the time. Because of these frequent calls, we started to be really comfortable with them, like whenever we were showing them a new drawing or boardmatic, or creating live foley sounds for the transformations and having the cat meow. These kinds of things made us closer during the process and helped the team create a really positive and trusting environment and the feedback was really cool.”


The “Tech Goes Green” campaign not only marks the first but certainly not last collaboration between 1stAve BA and Bloomberg Media Studios, but reinforces the production company’s mission to prioritize and create environmentally conscious work.

Executive Producer Sabrina Elizondo says:

“1stAve BA has joined Green the Bid, which encourages zero waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative production practices. For instance, all characters in the spots were made from reclaimed wood, and many of the backgrounds and props are repurposed materials from other shoots. There were also several milestones achieved during production. This entire production was done in lockdown over four months, from shooting through finish. Stylistically, Becho & Mab coin themselves as a graphical stop motion studio. They pulled off an illustrative approach in-camera by shooting several light passes, masking out areas to prevent color bouncing, then compositing the passes in post. So it’s all done in camera, but with a digital approach. Genius!”


Shooting everything on camera and utilizing software including Dragonframe for animation and Adobe for design and animates, the directors and their team of art directors, designers, and editors have once again executed a campaign that reflects Becho & Mab’s signature style and approach while further sparking their passion for stop-motion animation.

Directors say:

“Animation and stop motion are able to compress time in storytelling to unlock its design possibilities. Impossible things like transformations or wooden people make perfect sense when you watch it, but at the same time, they blow your mind. We love this about what we do and are always looking for the perfect frame or sequence of them.”

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